Bankstown Pause Pods

BUA pause pods.jpg

City of Canterbury Bankstown

Bankstown is rich in cultural diversity and age groups and the streets are used by everyone...But the city’s streets and plazas don’t always reflect this diversity. The streamlined flow and movement of pedestrians through the CBD mean there are fewer chances for people to stop and interact, take in how the city is changing around them and have an opportunity to shape it. 

We asked ourselves: Where are the places to stop? Where are places of public creative expression? Where can people engage with each-other and the city?

In a joint partnership with RDO Architects, Cred was successful in winning a Bankstown Urban Activation grant from the City of Canterbury Bankstown Council to pilot an idea for temporary seating spaces, which we have called ‘pause pods’. The pause pods will be unique arrangements of simple concrete masonry blocks, arriving as blank canvases to the sites. They will be strategically placed collections of concrete sit-able blocks, covered with local cultural artworks, animated by people and adding to the street experience. 

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