Best Practice Child Care Study

City of Parramatta


Cred researched the provision of high quality and leading best practice child care services in high and medium-low density urban environments for the City of Parramatta. The City of Parramatta LGA is set to experience rapid growth in the next 20 years, including a tripling of the residential population and 30,000 new jobs. Within urban environments such as the Parramatta CBD, the design and programming of children’s services are changing as growth of high density living continues and the provision of services outside of ‘normal hours’ expands.

This study reviewed best practice trends and research including case studies of excellent services across Australia and interviews with sector leaders, in particular looking at best practice approaches for the provision of child care services (OOSH, LDC, preschool, family day care) in urban high density and medium-low density environments as well as the provision of education and care outside of standard 9am to 5pm. The study provided a set of principles to support Council's decision making in the provision and planning of best practice child care, and reviewed the City of Parramatta's LEP and Child Care Centre DCP to determine opportunities to facilitate best practice long day care provision.