Burwood Open Space and Community Facilities Strategy

Burwood Council

Cred recently delivered the Burwood Open Space, Recreation and Community Facilities Strategy for Burwood Council. Burwood LGA is becoming one of the most densely populated LGAs in Sydney, particularly around the Burwood Town Centre. There is more than 60% forecast population growth over the next 10 years and competing demands for the open space and community facilities, which are already in undersupply across the LGA. There is currently only 10.2m2 per person of open space.  Cred was engaged to conduct a comprehensive integrated Strategic Plan to identify gaps and demand for open space and strategies to address this demand, including funding sources, and innovative ways to include recreational and social elements in limited and at capacity public spaces in an urban environment. Cred conducted extensive community engagement for this project including:

  •  Site surveys around use, function and capacity;
  • Online and intercept surveys with park and community facility users; and
  • Workshops, focus groups and interviews with key internal and external stakeholders.