Disability Inclusion Action Plan Community Engagement

City of Canada Bay

We are delivering and facilitating the community engagement to inform the City of Canada Bay's DIAP. Engagement will reach across a broad demographic of the LGA, including people with disability, carers, service providers, local businesses and the broader community. Engagement tools include targeted discussion groups, focus groups with service providers, an online and intercept survey optimised for accessibility, and interviews with Council staff. Engagement will be aligned with the four key areas of the NSW Disability Inclusion Plan: attitudes and behaviours, liveable communities, employment and systems and processes.

The social model of disability states that people with disability are not disabled by their impairment, but by the barriers in the community that prevent them gaining equal access to information, transport, public spaces, services, housing, education, employment and social outcomes. Disability is not just about impairment, it is the interaction of impairment with the physical and social environment – and therefore the onus is on the whole community to break down barriers. DIAPs provide the practical measures by which this intent is transformed into action to create more inclusive communities. All Councils must develop a DIAP by July 2017. 

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