Engagement activities

We deliver community engagement activities that are carefully crafted to be fun and relevant for participants, connect with hard-to-reach groups, and result in useful data for the project. 

Design thinking approaches

Design thinking is a solution focussed approach to problem solving. Cred specialises in hands on workshop activities that encourage participants to work together to develop creative and practical solutions to address real world challenges. Design thinking activities such as prototyping help make complex planning concepts tangible and can be tailored to your specific community and planning context.

Collaborative workshops

Collaboration is at the core of all our community and stakeholder workshops. Collaboration enables participants to share skills, experience and knowledge and to develop a clearer understanding of varying community perspectives and needs. At the services and government levels in particular, collaboration can foster valuable partnerships that extend beyond the consultation process.

Place based workshops

Place-based engagement activities, including pop up stalls in civic spaces like parks and town centres and walking workshops, are a powerful way to dive a little deeper with the community or stakeholders you are consulting.

We use visual tools like maps, infographics and dotmocracy activities to prompt people to consider the diverse ways in which they engage with places and spaces. These tools aim to be accessible and inclusive of a broad range of community members.

Cook and Philip Park Playground engagement

Cook and Philip Park Playground engagement

Cook and Phillip Park Playground engagement

Cook and Phillip Park Playground engagement

Social media

Community conversations are increasingly taking place on social media, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. This is particularly true for young people.

We can work with you to craft and showcase compelling stories that promote and drive community engagement with your project. This includes developing content for your existing social media channels, managing community conversations, facilitating competitions, and creating new accounts and pages.

Additional outcomes

Often, community engagement outcomes are indirect or can take a long time to manifest, which can result in consultation fatigue. Throughout the engagement process, we can work with you to deliver additional community outcomes that bolster support for and demonstrate the value of your project. This could include identifying actionable “quick win” projects with the community, or designing engagement activities that animate civic spaces.

Deliberative engagement

Deliberative engagement empowers people by giving them suitable time and information to consider and discuss a particular issue in depth. This iterative approach can be adopted during a one-off workshop or over a series of meetings with a people’s panel. We can work with you to design and facilitate deliberative engagement processes that build community capacity and result in considered outcomes that are tailored to your project.


Mapping activities are a great way to gather fine grain, place based information and ideas from the community or stakeholders you are engaging. We can work with you to design and deliver map-based engagement, including at workshops or pop up stalls, or using online mapping tools such as Social Pinpoint. We specialise in providing you with high quality analysis and clear graphic reporting that enables you to effectively use the data gathered.


Pop up stalls in civic spaces (including parks, town centres, train stations and local streets) and at community events and festivals offer an opportunity to meet with people as they go about their day to day activities. This allow you to engage with a broader range of people, including groups that are hard-to-reach. We deliver innovative pop up stalls that are fun, accessible and collect useful data for your project.