Ivanhoe Estate Social Impact Study

NSW Land and Housing Corporation

We undertook a social research study into the impacts on residents and the Ivanhoe Estate community of the potential redevelopment of Ivanhoe social housing estate (Ivanhoe Estate). Ivanhoe Estate is a social housing estate with 260 dwellings built around 25 years ago located in the suburb of Macquarie Park in the City of Ryde local government area (LGA). The purpose of the study was to undertake and document research into the social impacts to residents of the Ivanhoe Estate, of the potential redevelopment of Ivanhoe Estate for increased housing to service and support growth in the Macquarie Park area and Sydney region. It was a mostly qualitative research exercise seeking to understand a community and its perceptions of the likely social impact of redeveloping the site. The study sought to understand:

  • The lived experiences of residents;
  • Perceived individual, family, social and institutional impacts of proceeding or not proceeding with the potential redevelopment;
  • What might be lost should redevelopment proceed (within individual, social, urban amenity and other senses);
  • Perceived future housing needs; and
  • Perceived impact of living with uncertainty.