Cred’s vision is to plan for and create sustainable and resilient communities based on a strong evidence base, rigorous and integrated social research, and meaningful stakeholder engagement.

As independent consultants, we are flexible in our approach, offer value for money and think outside the box.  

Sarah and her team were excellent to work with, highly collaborative, and demonstrated effective analytical approaches to the project requirements. They went the extra mile to deliver on the brief, and the report has been very well received.
— City of Sydney

Our Team

Sarah Reilly

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Sarah Reilly is the Director of Cred Consulting. She has more than 20 years experience in planning for community outcomes and benefits and meaningful engagement with communities and stakeholders. Sarah is the former Social Planning Chapter Convenor of the NSW Planning Institute of Australia (PIA), a member of the NSW PIA Divisional Committee, a Fellow of PIA, and a member of  IAP2, and Australasian Housing Institute.  She is on the Board on the housing charity startup Head Start Homes and was a member of the Expert Reference Group for the Socially Sustainable Parramatta Policy.

She has worked extensively on community planning, supply and demand analysis, and social infrastructure and service projects across NSW and is highly experienced in project management, working within multidisciplinary teams, workshop facilitation, and consulting with a broad range of stakeholders and diverse communities. Sarah is a specialist in integrated strategic planning for local government and also in service delivery planning for target groups. Sarah is an advocate for building strong communities through collaboration, empowerment and engagement.


April McCabe
Associate Director

April McCabe

April is an urban planner and policy specialist with over 18 years experience in government and the private sector in Australia, UK and Ireland across metropolitan and regional areas. Before joining Cred, April was the Policy Manager and Principal Policy Advisor to the Lord Mayor of Sydney and was responsible for a varied portfolio that included strategic planning & design, urban renewal, housing affordability, night time economy/activation, social strategy, and gender equality. Prior to this role April worked as a Senior Placemaker at Place Partners, and Senior Urban Strategist at Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate, ACT Government. April offers an excellent understanding of the local political and cultural contexts in terms of policy development, urban planning, and stakeholder management.

April has worked extensively on the development of urban planning frameworks, place strategies and plans, community, cultural and social strategies and implementation plans across NSW, Victoria and WA. She is highly experienced in project management, working in multidisciplinary teams, community engagement and navigating contested and political environments.

April is an advocate for people focused cities through the development of planning and design policies that positively influence how we experience, connect and function within cities and places. April is a member of the Planning Institute of Australia, Place Leaders Asia Pacific and Living Future Institute Australia. She is the founder of Urbanistas Australia and a member of the Living Future Institute's inaugural Biophilic Design Initiative Committee. She holds a Bachelor of Social Science and Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (Hons).


Elise O'Ryan
Senior Urban Strategist

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Elise is a senior urban strategist, working at the intersection of urban design, urban planning, social planning, place-making and community engagement. She is passionate about creating meaningful places that respect and celebrate the local social and cultural context, that are authentic, engaging, and memorable, and that contribute to facilitating connections between people and place. Elise’s work is informed by her interest in investigating what attracts and attaches people to place, and how the built environment can facilitate the building of social capital.

Prior to working at Cred Consulting, Elise worked at SJB as an Urban Designer and at Place Partners as a Place Maker. With broad experience working within planning and design teams on both large and small scale master plans, strategies and activations, Elise understands the importance of identifying community needs and aspirations early in the project process to ensure a good socio-cultural outcome. She is committed to working with client and multidisciplinary teams to ensure that they are equipped with the right information to be able to create successful, high quality places that meet the needs of a local community. She also recognises the importance of information design to effectively communicate research outcomes and strategy directions.


Elly Spiro
Community and Cultural Planner

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With a background working in the cultural sector in her hometown Amsterdam, Elly has a genuine passion for delivering social and cultural research and strategy and meaningful community engagement.

Elly loves exploring what makes communities unique, with a specific interest in the role of the arts, culture and heritage in shaping local community and place identity and bringing people together.

During her time at Cred, Elly has worked on a wide range of community and cultural planning projects in both urban and regional areas. She applies her expertise in qualitative and quantitative engagement and research with the aim of giving people a voice in shaping decision-making, including young people and diverse communities.


Estelle Grech
Urban Planner

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Estelle is an Urban Planner focused on delivering innovative and inclusive outcomes for communities. Estelle works on local infrastructure needs analysis, social strategy work, community building and engagement projects for local government, community housing, private development and state government clients.

With a particular passion for engaging and understanding the needs of diverse communities, Estelle applies targeted and deliberate engagement and research approaches to ensure that community needs are heard and met.

Before joining Cred, Estelle worked as a Strategic Planner at Fairfield City Council, starting her career in one of the most diverse communities in Australia.


Sasha Sarago Communications and Project Support Officer

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With over 20 years experience in business and office administration, community engagement and Indigenous affairs – working in private, corporate and government sectors. 

For the last nine years, Sasha has worked at Parks Victoria as a Managing Country Together and Indigenous Tourism Development Officer. In these roles Sasha has provided project support, assisted the development of cultural tourism opportunities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and partners, creating and implementing strategies and content to raise the Managing Country Together directorate media profile.


Roy Cao Student Urban Planner


Roy is a current undergraduate student of a Bachelor of City Planning (Hons) degree at the University of New South Wales. Roy is passionate about how cities function with regards to the collaboration of different levels of government and the communities which they serve. He upholds a strong level of committment to learning and supporting the growth of Cred.

In additional to improving his standard of professional work, Roy loves engaging with people in conversation to understand them at a more personal level.