Cred Consulting is a social planning and community engagement consultancy. We deliver innovative and sustainable community outcomes that balance diverse stakeholder needs.

Our Services

Community Planning and Research

We are specialists in outcomes focussed integrated community needs analysis and qualitative and quantitative social research to plan for great community outcomes. We add value and depth to your project through our strong understanding of not just social and strategic planning but also how services and policies are delivered and implemented.


Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Human centred, collaborative and creative engagement is central to successful planning outcomes. Community and stakeholders are subject matter experts that can inform your plan, urban design or policy and contribute to achieving a common long-term agreement, ownership and support for your project. We are experts in consulting with communities, and have the unique skills to look at engagement through multiple lenses and voices including socially, culturally and economically diverse communities, the government and private sectors, NGOs, business and elected representatives.



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Community, Cultural and Open Space Strategy

Appropriate and quality open space, and community, cultural and recreational facilities are central to the health, wellbeing and social connectedness of communities. Investing in quality infrastructure such as parks, community hubs, and creative spaces brings social and economic benefits for us all. We can deliver community, cultural and open space plans and strategies based on quantitative and qualitative indicators and leading practice. Partnering with industry specialists, we can provide strategies that are innovative, identify needs and opportunities and show how the plan can be realised. 


Complete Communities

Cred are leaders in delivery of creative and evidence based Community Benefits Analysis™, Social Impact Assessment and Social Sustainability Strategies for new, existing, and changing communities. We can deliver high quality Community Benefits Analysis at the beginning of a planning process to inform your Master Plan or Strategy, help create a common vision and understanding of public benefits and needs, resulting in maximised outcomes for all stakeholders and smoother approval processes. Our Complete Communities Assessment™ Tool can assess and rate your project in terms of its social sustainability and social impact, and is based on the unique people and place characteristics of the local area.