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Resilient Sydney Stakeholder Engagement

City of Sydney

We worked with JOC Consulting to plan, facilitate and report on creative, stimulating and dynamic stakeholder workshops for the development of the Resilient Sydney Strategy.

Resilient Sydney is part of the global 100 Resilient Cities initiative. The initiative develops strategies to ensure cities adapt, survive and thrive no matter what challenges they face in the 21st Century. 100RC describes urban resilience as the capacity of individuals, communities, institutions, businesses and city systems to adapt to chronic stresses and acute shocks. These include ongoing issues such as poor public health, housing affordability and aging infrastructure, as well as the sudden impact of heatwaves, bushfires or terror attacks.

The aim of this engagement process was to clarify the challenges facing Sydney, and develop innovative actions and strategies to address the challenges. We engaged with stakeholders from business, government, academia and community services organisations. The creative workshop delivery and reporting will be able to be shared with the community and other 100 Resilient Cities members, as part of the global 100RC network. 

See the project report here.