Review of Early Education and Care Service Delivery for Children Under School Age

Leichhardt Council

Cred conducted a study into supply and demand for Early Education and Care services for children under school age in the Leichhardt Local Government Area (LGA). Early Education and Care includes Long Day Care (LDC), Preschool, Occasional Care Centres (OCC), Home Based Care (HBC), and Family Day Care (FDC). The LGA’s proximity to the CBD and the opportunities arising from inner-urban life has seen considerable change in Leichhardt’s socio-demographic profile over the past two decades. Most noticeably, there has been a baby boom in the area that has impacted on the ability of residents to access Early Education and Care services including LDC, Preschool, OCC and FDC services. This study identifies the number of places required to meet demand over the next 10 years and strategies for Council and other partners to meet this demand.