Riverwood Masterplan Project Stakeholder Engagement and Social Planning

NSW Land and Housing Corporation

We are delivering stakeholder engagement and social planning for the renewal of the Riverwood housing estate through the Riverwood Masterplan Project.

Cred Consulting has worked extensively with social and community housing providers and understands the complexities involved with engaging residents of social housing estates, particularly during estate renewal. It will be central to the engagement process to keep residents and community stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the lifespan of the project, and to deliver engagement activities tailored to the unique community including older residents, young people, and different language and cultural groups. Engagement activities including targeted stakeholder meetings, public drop in sessions, and an onsite staff member will build community capacity to provide opportunities for existing tenants and communities to contribute to the planning and design of the new estate.

Our approach to delivery of the community needs study for Riverwood is to base recommendations on the unique strengths, assets and constraints of the local people and place and the collection of evidence. The community needs study will include a review of strategic plans and policies, demographic analysis, social infrastructure benchmarking and a literature review of best practice approaches to design and delivery of social infrastructure within mixed tenure communities. The study will analyse the social needs, gaps and opportunities of the renewal project giving consideration to whole of community needs and specific needs of different tenure groups and provide recommendations for the provision and delivery of social infrastructure, services and open space.