Karaoke Plaza in Eastwood. 321 Photography.

Karaoke Plaza in Eastwood. 321 Photography.

City of Ryde  

In 2019, City of Ryde Council engaged Cred Consulting to work collaboratively with Council, community and stakeholder to develop a Creativity Strategy responding to the diverse arts, cultural and creative needs and aspirations of their community to 2023. 

More than 1,100 people contributed to developing the City of Ryde Creativity Strategy through an extensive community and stakeholder engagement process, which including 14 workshops and drop in sessions, over 700 survey responses and over 80 hours of face to face intercept conversations in locations throughout the LGA.

The Creativity Strategy responds to a strong appetite within the City of Ryde community for more opportunities for creative participation, and for the arts to have a stronger presence in local communities and neighbourhoods.

The Strategy outlines a shared vision and strategic roadmap for Council, community and partners to support, build and empower arts and creativity over the next four years.