Social Sustainability Strategy, Ashmore Precinct

City of Sydney

Cred worked with the City of Sydney to prepare a Social Sustainability Strategy for the Ashmore precinct to identify and address the social impacts relating to the proposed new residential development in the Ashmore precinct. The Ashmore precinct is a 17-hectare former industrial area. It is part of the suburb of Erskineville within the King Street Village Group, which includes the suburbs of Newtown, as well as part of Camperdown and Erskineville and is also immediately adjacent to the suburb of Alexandria. This report provided direction to Council to inform the finalisation of the planning controls in the amendment to the “Draft Amendment South Sydney Development Control Plan – Urban Design 1997 – Part G Special Precinct No. 7 – Ashmore Precinct” (Draft Ashmore DCP). This report aimed to aid Council in meeting the social needs of the future Ashmore redevelopment and delivering a socially sustainable community. Social sustainability can be broadly defined as the maintenance and improvement of well-being for both current and future generations.