Newcastle wins Smart Cities Strategy Award 2018

Congratulations to Newcastle City Council on winning the Smart Cities Strategy Award 2018.

We enjoyed leading the project team including David Lock Associates and JOC Consulting to deliver the stakeholder engagement to develop a Strategic Plan for Newcastle as a smart and innovative city.

Newcastle is undergoing transition from a primarily industrial base to diversified economic foundations, and is experiencing major urban renewal including light rail and population growth. The Newcastle Smart City initiative is primarily concerned with the transition of Newcastle in ways that maximise opportunities from the smart economy. The overarching aim relates to improving the liveability, sustainability and economic diversity of the City.

Engagement activities included a smart cities expert reference panel, thematic ecosystem focus groups with representative organisations from key sectors, a public panel event with industry leaders and a tech/digital meetup with industry representatives and emerging innovators.

Click here to read our engagement report.

Click here to read the Strategy.